NFL Cash Spending Through the Years

 In History of the Cap

When the salary cap was introduced in 1994, the narrative that the team owners and league executives pushed was that they needed a mechanism that would ensure that each team spent (roughly) the same amount of money on their team’s rosters from year to year, to ensure a level playing field.

The salary cap would supposedly developed to ensure that no single NFL team would be able to spend significantly more money on their roster than the other teams. This inspires the question: How much money have teams spent on their rosters in recent history?


Average Annual Cash Spending 2011–2023

Team Ave. Annual Spending
Philadelphia Eagles $191,304,084
Green Bay Packers $186,375,933
Kansas City Chiefs $180,213,879
Miami Dolphins $179,932,239
San Francisco 49ers $178,122,571
Pittsburgh Steelers $177,905,318
Los Angeles Chargers $176,898,669
New York Jets $176,203,970
New Orleans Saints $176,058,290
Buffalo Bills $175,197,254
Dallas Cowboys $174,732,030
Cleveland Browns $174,688,267
Arizona Cardinals $172,925,972
Minnesota Vikings $172,025,627
Seattle Seahawks $171,584,176
Los Angeles Rams $169,973,761
Detroit Lions $169,927,418
Cincinnati Bengals $169,821,489
Baltimore Ravens $169,672,649
Denver Broncos $169,262,036
Las Vegas Raiders $169,217,708
Tampa Bay Buccaneers $168,947,513
New York Giants $168,610,893
Houston Texans $168,440,068
Tennessee Titans $168,126,684
Jacksonville Jaguars $166,772,565
Washington Commanders $166,766,685
Carolina Panthers $165,937,268
Atlanta Falcons $165,175,796
Chicago Bears $164,742,714
New England Patriots $163,526,724
Indianapolis Colts $162,337,037