May 28, 2024

Before the NFL draft each year, NFL teams are allowed to invite up to 30 draft prospects to their facilities for official pre-draft visits. These visits are typically one-on-one meetings between the player and the team’s coaches, scouts, and management. Few teams ever actually schedule the full 30 visits they’re allowed.

The “Top 30” draft prospect visits allow teams to get a closer look at the players they are considering drafting, in hopes of gathering additional information. These visits can include interviews, medical evaluations, and on-field workouts.

Traditionally, the top 30 type of visit was reserved for draft prospects who were expected to be drafted in the first two rounds of the NFL draft. But that’s shifted over the last few years significantly. Now we see all types of guys getting invites to visit with teams during the pre-draft process, including occasionally seeing visits with college players that are not even expected to be drafted.

According to some recent research done by salary cap enthusiast Daniel Salib, it seems that the top 30 visits for some teams are much more indicative of their actual interest in players than what we see from some other teams. This table shows the percentage of each team’s top 30 draft visits that they eventually drafted or signed as undrafted free agents.


Percentage of Each Team’s Top 30 Draft Visits that they Eventually Acquired*
Commanders 33%
Steelers 31%
Giants 27%
Packers 24%
Eagles 22%
Panthers 22%
Browns 19%
Vikings 19%
Bengals 18%
49ers 18%
Cardinals 18%
Bills 17%
Bears 16%
Ravens 13%
Patriots 13%
Chiefs 13%
Texans 11%
Colts 11%
Jets 11%
Raiders 11%
Cowboys 11%
Jaguars 10%
Dolphins 9%
Lions 9%
Seahawks 9%
Broncos 6%
Titans 5%
Buccaneers 4%
Rams 3%
Chargers 0%
Falcons 0%
Saints 0%

*Note: This data was borrowed from Daniel Salib (with permission), but was (slightly) modified as additional data became available.